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Grizzly Bear

Posted by David on April 18, 2010

The first few casual listen-throughs, I don’t think I really heard Grizzly Bear’s music. They are sort of an indie folk band, or something like that, so there are not a lot of attention-grabbing electric guitars, and their music has a lo-fi, reverby quality which gives it all a sort of distant and ethereal feel as well. As I kept listening to it, though, more and more tunes began to draw me in. Their songs develop in all sorts of lovely and varied ways; the melodies are enchanting and airy, and the rather un-folksy crescendoes cathartic. Harmonized vocals (all four members sing) are probably the band’s most distinctive musical feature, adding much feeling throughout. I’ve listened to and loved both their 2006 album Yellow House, and Veckatimest from 2009.¬†Easily one of my favourite bands among the music I’ve heard in the past year. (They also, somewhat improbably, belong to the same label as the previously-mentioned Flying Lotus, Warp Records.)

The lovely harmonizing and cool progression in this song exemplify a lot of what I like about this band.


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The Acorn – Glory Hope Mountain

Posted by David on October 22, 2009

Glory Hope MountainGlory Hope Mountain is an album by Canadian indie folk rock band The Acorn. I like it a lot, but, as these things sometimes go, I’m not quite sure how to talk about it. So here are some words I’d use to describe the moods tapped into by the songs: thoughtful, intrepid, peaceful, wistful. There is lovely harmonized singing, folksy drumming, a bit of slide guitar; some tracks are slow and pensive and some are upbeat and rockish. They also have a couple of pretty cool music videos, one of which is right under this text right here:

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