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Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

Posted by David on February 17, 2010

Los Angeles is a 2008 album by up-and-coming electronic artist Steven Ellison, a.k.a. Flying Lotus. The album is a string of hip-hoppish/trip-hoppish beats, accented with hazy-sounding synths and chopped-up little snatches of speech and singing. He conjures up an incredibly viscous sound: the heavy hits of the kick drums forever seem to be dragging just slightly, record needle noise runs thick over much of it, and the accompanying samples and melodies all have a slightly drunken, far-off feel to them. I suspect that combining this music with some kind of depressant might risk melting one’s face off. I was put off at first — it takes a little getting used to — but the longer I’ve played this and the louder I’ve played it, the further I have gotten into its deep, syrupy grooviness. Another cool act on the strange and magical roster of Warp Records.

Those are both a bit more upbeat than much of the album, but they’re a couple of my favourites.


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Holy Fuck

Posted by David on October 31, 2009

Holy Fuck LPHoly Fuck is a pleasantly unique electronic band from Toronto. Their shtick, apparently, is to play every last thing live instead of letting pre-programmed tracks do the work during shows. That’s pretty cool, and probably makes for a great show. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them yet, so this is largely immaterial to me — synthesizers sound like synthesizers regardless of when you record yourself playing them — except that their drumming is clearly done on a real live drum set, by a talented drummer, and so is wonderfully without the staleness that afflicts most drum machines. The drums provide a perfect backbone to some intense and lively music.

I’m finding their first, self-titled album a bit murkier and less engaging — I can imagine loving to see these songs put together from scratch at a show, but as just a stream of audio I don’t find them consistently interesting. Conversely, their second one, LP, is snappier and catchier and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Behold, a couple of the best songs from the latter:

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A couple of wicked Justice remixes

Posted by David on October 20, 2009

These guys!

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Posted by David on October 15, 2009

SoulhackForss (a.k.a. Eric Wahlforss of Sweden) is one of the coolest electronic musicians I’ve heard in a while. I don’t even know exactly where to categorize him. The songs on his album, Soulhack, range from slow, groovy acid jazz to crashing big beats, with bits that approach drum and bass. Each song is lavishly layered with complex little tweaks and twitches and samples and fills, most strikingly in “Flickermood,” which is basically just one bar of funky beat being deliciously stretched out, abused and twisted in every which way for three minutes. He also expertly conjures up atmosphere, running the gamut from sinister to playful to other-worldly. Not only is the production rewardingly complex and interesting, but the songs themselves are just extremely catchy. He hosts the entire album and a number of remixes for listening and download on his site — although it looks like the ‘download’ link gets you an uncompressed .aiff file, so maybe you have to ‘buy’ to get an MP3, if large files bother you. Regardless, give him a listen.

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