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Jazzanova – In Between

Posted by David on November 10, 2009

Jazzanova_-_In_Between-frontThe more I listen to this album, the more impressed I am with it. It is some sort of hybrid creature of jazzy, r&b, downtempo and electronic dance influences, and it positively oozes with cool. It’s low-key but not at all boring or repetitive — deep bass hits and continually interesting percussion keep it groovily moving along. Synths, rappers, crooning soul singers and vocal samples keep trading places at center stage. The melodies strike me as sort of strange (maybe… austere?), in a very interesting way — perhaps because my exposure to r&b, soul and the like is minimal. The whole thing is very solid, with a couple of total standout tracks. Below: first, one that is probably most representative of the whole style, and second, one of said standout tracks.

There is another album of these guys’ that I also adore, and a new one that I’m digesting, but I’m so enthused that I have to do posts on individual albums.


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