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José González

Posted by David on October 29, 2009

José GonzálezJosé González is a Swedish singer-songwriter who makes guy-singing-while-playing-a-guitar music. I thought I’d tired of this particular genre a little while ago, having overdosed a bit on Iron & Wine and Nick Drake and others, but this guy unexpectedly quite got to me. There’s more of a driving, energetic quality to his tunes, rather than being predictably folksy-countryish. He has a cool voice which gives it all a sort of airy, wise tone. I was particularly drawn in by his style when I heard his cover of Massive Attack’s already excellent “Teardrop”. He stays playing pretty much the same simple melody the entire time, but the way the one interval is played gets more and more intense in sound as it progresses — a little like “Boléro”, I guess. Well, just listen to it, and feel free to enjoy the trippy music video while you’re at it. And another good one is “Killing for Love” (embedding disabled on both, apologies).


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