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The Acorn – Glory Hope Mountain

Posted by David on October 22, 2009

Glory Hope MountainGlory Hope Mountain is an album by Canadian indie folk rock band The Acorn. I like it a lot, but, as these things sometimes go, I’m not quite sure how to talk about it. So here are some words I’d use to describe the moods tapped into by the songs: thoughtful, intrepid, peaceful, wistful. There is lovely harmonized singing, folksy drumming, a bit of slide guitar; some tracks are slow and pensive and some are upbeat and rockish. They also have a couple of pretty cool music videos, one of which is right under this text right here:


One Response to “The Acorn – Glory Hope Mountain”

  1. hogafflahage said

    You are able to say things that have content about even this music. You do find words, that I wouldn’t know how to locate or how to arrange if I knew where to look. They somehow feel right and capturing of something that is going on with them. So.

    The acorn came and played in a church a couple of weeks ago and I loved it in one of those frenzied ways that makes me feel like I should rethink music and the universe. I thought: why – o why! – do we waste our time communicating in flat, lifeless talky speech when we have all these other extraordinary variables (pitch, timbre, rhythm, etc.) that are so easily exploited. Our attention is able to snag on all these other types of sound variations and we just *waste* this possibility all the time. I guess moving to china would be a start. But more music, infiltrated into daily life, seems nothing less than urgent, imperative. Nobody shouldn’t be making music. It shouldn’t be a special occasion, something only experts do. You know. (Also! I was again overcome by how somehow vocal chords came to be coordinated with vibrating strings and fingers all hopping around. I realize that these things become automatic such that one doesn’t have to think through how a particular movement is going to cause a particular noise. But I can’t quite drain all the magic out of that.)

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