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Kind of Bloop

Posted by David on October 4, 2009

Kind of BloopHave you ever been listening to Kind of Blue and thought to yourself, “As much as I’m fond of Miles Davis, I really wonder what it would sound like if my NES had performed this music instead”? Well, wonder no longer. A group of chiptune artists took it upon themselves to recreate the classic jazz album track by track, and the result is Kind of Bloop. There was maybe a five or ten minute period between me seeing a link to this, listening to the samples, and giving in to the urge to spend $5 on downloading it. I haven’t regretted it for a moment — I think they did a fantastic job of balancing note-by-note faithfulness to the original tunes with the occasional period of gloriously 8-bit rocking out. Recommended to anyone whose fancy this sort of thing might tickle.


One Response to “Kind of Bloop”

  1. guy de vichysoisse said

    Haha, wtf, that’s awesome.

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