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The Five Corners Quintet

Posted by SP on September 29, 2009

The Five Corners Quintet: Chasin the Jazz Gone By (2005)

The Five Corners Quintet: Chasin the Jazz Gone By (2005)

A lot of really good jazz is coming out of Scandinavia right now, and one of the first groups that really hooked me in that recent wave was the Five Corners Quintet out of Helsinki, Finland.  These guys swing.  I mean, they swing.  While others in what one could arguably call their peer group saunter through bossa nova and lounge idioms, these guys play it like they mean it–just chopping the stage up into little bits. They’re thoroughly modern players whose performances breathe life and energy into what can seem–even to real lovers of jazz–like a fairly played out idiom with few places to go.  On first listen it’s going to be hard to listen past what will seem like pretty standard harmonies and horn parts, but if you want to hear what makes this group so special you’ll have to do some multiple listening.  My advice would be to pay special attention to what the rhythm section is doing–especially on the Hot Corner EP. Some of the drum lines are so complicated that they could fit right in to really technical drum & bass tracks.  It’s little realizations like that that make a group really fun to listen to for me.  Plus they just ooze cool, and did I mention they swing? 2005’s Chasin’ the Jazz Gone By was one of the freshest records I’d heard in a long time–it’s well worth a listen.  It’s a great high-powered mid-sized combo jazz in a classic post-bop style with those understated, distinctive, and amazing contemporary touches that reward multiple listening.  Solid from start to finish.  No gaps or weak tracks.  Though you can find their stuff in digital formats on the web, their preferred medium is vinyl.  If you can find it or are motivated enough to special order either Chasin’ the Jazz Gone By or  the more recent Hot Corner EP, you won’t be let down.


5 Responses to “The Five Corners Quintet”

  1. David said

    #2 is wicked. Perhaps I shall investigate these magical Finns!

    • Steve said

      Oh, there’s more where that came from. I’ve got a bunch of crazy Finns, Swedes, Danes, Italians, and Japanese on deck. It’s just a matter of grabbing a spare moment or two. Stay tuned. 🙂

      • David said

        Most excellent, Steve. I think I have a Swede coming up shortly too, as I think of it!

        I actually went and bought Hot Corner off of iTunes last night, and was like “Hey, this is pretty great! Hey, I should post about them! — Shit.”

  2. guy de vichysoisse said

    This stuff is great. I’m going to drive around in the middle of the night listening to this. I love jazz in my car, for some reason.

    • Steve said

      Haha! Yes. It’s perfect for driving, preferably through the downtown of a major city post closing time, in the rain, on the way to the late, late after-party.

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