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The Slew: Kid Koala rocks out

Posted by David on September 25, 2009

The SlewWhen I went to Kid Koala‘s show in July, I was surprised. I had come expecting to spend all night staring in awe at the screen showing the turntable while he worked his virtuosic magic on it, with the usual clever scratching tricks and quirky samples. Instead, right off the bat, we were blasted with a huge, thunderous, danceable beat that he kept up relentlessly, carrying on it all manner of heavy, distorted guitar samples. I didn’t get the sense that anyone in the crowd objected, and the virtuoso scratching still made a few jaw-dropping appearances.

It turns out that his most recent album — apparently a collaboration with another DJ, Dynomite D, which began as the soundtrack to a now-defunct movie project — reflects this stylistic change. I’ve been enjoying it immensely. In the past, I’ve liked his albums, found them humorous and a few of the songs quite catchy, but I’ve never listened to them all that much, thinking of them more as a novelty. But rather than a set of delicately chopped-up jazz melodies and goofy samples, this one is a more or less non-stop party of blasting rock and hip hop drums, bass and gnarly guitar, with his scratching accenting the melody rather than taking centre stage. It is eminently danceable.

As it turns out, the Most Adorable DJ is also the most generous: he’s put the album up for free download, so there is really no excuse for not giving it a listen. I recommend playing it as loud as is feasible for you.


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